Media Kit

Are you, your business, or organization a “Reader’s Choice of North Clark County” finalist? We’ve designed this media kit with you in mind!

You can click to open and save / download these images to let your social media followers know about the Reader’s Choice publication and where / how to vote for you, your business or organization.

Phase 1 – Nomination Round

Phase 2- Voting Round

How to Best Utilize a Social Media Kit

Along with many other businesses, you’re probably trying to grow your online/social media presence/audience. Using a social media press kit in conjunction with a larger, more visible social media presence and a larger brand can go a long way toward helping you accomplish that goal. Here’s some suggestions:

Pro Tip: Upload these graphics yourself, each time you intend to post it. If you share the same graphic from another page or from your own wall/timeline at a later date, Facebook’s algorithm (AKA: EdgeRank) will likely cause it to be less visible to your followers, versus a new, fresh post.

Did you know? The fastest way to grow your following on Facebook is to post content that is engaging to your audience. When we talk about “engagement,” we’re referring to users who comment, like, click on, and / or share content from your page. They’re “engaging” with your posts. When a user engages with a post, it then becomes visible to that user’s friends, which automatically expands your audience (known as “Reach” in your Facebook Insights.)

Advertising on the Reader’s Choice Website & Publication

For more information about advertising in this year’s publication, contact us at